• Image of Beads & Bolts Set - 2-Toys-In-1
  • Image of Beads & Bolts Set - 2-Toys-In-1
  • Image of Beads & Bolts Set - 2-Toys-In-1
  • Image of Beads & Bolts Set - 2-Toys-In-1
  • Image of Beads & Bolts Set - 2-Toys-In-1

BABY LEARNING TOYS &| BABY TOYS | The jumbo nuts and bolts stringing beads and toys for babies allows children to focus their attention on the movement and placement of the bead lacing and twistable educational toys. The toddler Montessori toys for 1 year old help kids with balance, coordination and developing their fine motor skills. These Montessori toys for toddlers are 1 year old toys and also make great counting toys, toddler toys, baby bath toys and learning toys for 2 year olds.

LACING TOYS & TWIST TOYS FOR TODDLERS | The 2-in-1 beads toy and lacing toy are great toys for 2 year old boys and toys for 2 year old girls. Designed to stimulate learning, the jumbo rainbow nuts and bolts and lacing beads for kids helps fine motor skills development through play. The stacking toys for 1 year old are motor toys for toddlers, sorting toys and toddler stem toys. The toddlers toys are fun building blocks for toddlers and make great toddler gifts.

GAMES FOR PRESCHOOLERS | The shape sorter is a fun game for toddlers, is a toddler puzzle and perfect for 2 year old toys. The preschool learning toys are Montessori toys, stacking toys and toys for 4 year old girl and toys for 4 year old boys. Use the beads for kids, screw toys and learning toys for 3 year olds as a memory game, learning colors for toddlers, building toys and other fun toddler activities. Follow each toddler activity in the eBook download using the math manipulatives.

AUTISM TOYS & OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY TOYS | The educational toys for 3 year olds help promote the beginning stages of manipulation and through hands on play. These beads for toddlers make learning fun. The color sorting toys and beads for kids are nuts and bolts for toddlers, tinker toys and motor skills toys for 1 year olds. Great for independent and group therapy play, the preschool activity toys and 2 year old girl toys and boys toys are good sensory toys for autistic children.

TODDLER OUTDOOR TOYS & TODDLER TRAVEL TOYS | The 2-in-1 educational toddler toys & nuts and bolts kids toys encourage quick clean up after play with included toy storage tote. Explore your world with these stringing beads and nuts & bolts toddler girl toys and toddler boy toys. The Montessori toys for 2 year old are kids toys for 1, 2, 3, 4 year olds, are great travel toys for toddlers, airplane activities for kids, kids travel toys for plane by Kids Korner Toys.

12 Jumbo Lacing Beads - assorted (1.5”)
3 Lacing String (26”)
12 pc Jumbo Nuts and Bolts Set - assorted (2" - 2.5")
1 Kids Korner Storage & Travel Tote (7” x 5”)
1 Activities eBook download (30pgs)

BPA Free & Non Toxic, Safe for ALL Ages