• Image of Jumbo Sorting & Counting Dinosaurs Activity Set
  • Image of Jumbo Sorting & Counting Dinosaurs Activity Set
  • Image of Jumbo Sorting & Counting Dinosaurs Activity Set
  • Image of Jumbo Sorting & Counting Dinosaurs Activity Set
  • Image of Jumbo Sorting & Counting Dinosaurs Activity Set

dino eggs set includes a fine motor T-Rex kids egg grabber, 2 wood game dice, 48 dinosaur figurines, a toddler toys travel backpack & toddler activities ebook. These baby toys and Montessori toys for toddlers allow children to focus on the placement of the toddler dinosaur toys. The OT toys for 2 year old boy and girl make a great toddler gift.

2 YEAR OLD BOY TOYS | DINOSAUR TOYS FOR TODDLERS: These dinosaur learning products and toddler outdoor toys are fun educational toys for 2 year olds. The toddler games for 2-3 year olds encourage fine motor skills development. These preschool learning toys are perfect for learning colors for toddlers. Use the sensory toys dinosaur grabber to pick up the dino counters and place in its matching dinosaur eggs. The toddler travel toys are great dinosaur counters for kids' math too.

GAMES FOR PRESCHOOLERS | COUNTING, SORTING & KIDS MATCHING GAME ACTIVITIES: Who is ready to play? Yes, parents will want to play with the learning toys for 3 year olds too! These fine motor skills toys will prove that playing is learning. For beginners, grab the toddler games color dice. Later, grab the number dice. For advanced players, roll both dice! Remember the dino grabber to help each dino find its home. The preschool dinosaur toys are fun 3 year old games and dinosaur preschool games.

KINDERGARTEN MATH MANIPULATIVES: Use the number dinosaur dice to help differentiate between the visual number to the physical dinosaur math counters. From numbers and counting, adding and subtracting, base ten, graphing and ten frames, refer to the dinosaur activity book for step by step toddler learning activities. The dino eggs puzzle game is a great color sorter game, memory game and egg cups game too. The jumbo toys for kids is also a fun dinosaurs toy counting game and kid toy.

FINE MOTOR SKILLS are picking up small objects, grasping it, then releasing it. These Jumbo learning toys for 2 year olds help children build the relationship between the mind and the hands. These counting games for 3 year old make a fun dinosaur matching game for kids. Let your child explore the jurassic world around them with these educational toys for 3 year olds, color sorting dinosaurs, Montessori materials and occupational therapy toys by Kids Korner.

48 Rainbow Counting Dinosaurs (1.25” x 3”)
6 Matching Rainbow Dinosaur Egg Cups – for sorting and for baking too! (3”)
1 Fine Motor Dinosaur Grabber (5”)
1 Color Matching Game Dice (1”)
1 Number Matching Game Dice (1”)
1 Kids Korner Travel Backpack (10” x 3”)
1 Toddler Learning Activities eBook Download – over 30 pages with educational games and dinosaur fun facts